KG+Kyoto Graphie 本間純 Jun Homma - I Saw a Landscape


KG + Kyoto Graphie 

本間純 Jun Homma 

会期 9月17日-9月26日 会期中無休

土日11;00-19;00 月-金 13:00-19:00

場所 @bonon_kyoto




Jun Homma handles the invisible landscape which evokes memory and information about the place. The artist produces an invisible domain intentionally in the visible domain. Homma develops the optic belief in his artwork regardless of media ,such as physical performing arts, a sculpture, and as an installation. When it became the approach for the photograph, the work becomes remarkable. The image UV printed on an aluminum plate is scratched violently. Instead of the landscape, the surface of photograph is shown as the material wreckage. Furthermore, the center of the work which lost the image are politely polished and it reflects like a mirror. When a viewer takes a step forward to the artwork, the person understand him or herself that there is a self portrait inside of it. It is a figure of memory and acknowledgement. There is a concentration camp in German, or there are cherry blossom trees under the emergency declaration outside of the portrait. The landscapes are fixed the imperfection and continue drifting in time.




Jun Homma


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Born in 1967, Tokyo. Lives and works in Yokohama 



1990年多摩美術大学立体デザイン科卒業。199092年多摩美術大学彫刻家研究生。2019年文化庁新進芸術家海外研修員(ベルリン)。主な参加展覧会に「桜を見る会」(eitoeiko 2021)、個展「I saw a landscape」(void+ 2020)、チェンナイフォトビエンナーレ(インド 2019)、個展「侵食の風景」(GlogauAIR ベルリン 2019)、個展「浸蝕の肖像」(ランゴリメトロアートセンター バンガロール 2018)、「空気の正体」(川口市立アートギャラリーアトリア 2017)、個展「無名の国」(TRAUMARIS/SPACE 2015)、弟子屈極寒芸術祭(北海道 202120182016)、越後妻有雪アートプロジェクト(新潟 2014)、瀬戸内国際芸術祭(香川、岡山 2013)など。

Received his BA Design from Tama Art University, 1990. Research student from Tama Art University, 1990-92. Lived and worked in Glogau AIR, Berlin, Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan, 2019. Recent exhibitions include Cherry Blossom Party, 2021, I saw a landscape, solo exhibition, void+, 2020, Chennai Photo Biennial, India, 2019, Landscape of Erosion, solo exhibition, GlogauAIR, Berlin, 2019, Portrait of Erosion, Rangoli Metro Art Center, Bangalore, 2018, Air Real, Kawaguchi Art Gallery Atlia, 2017, Unnamed country, solo exhibition, TRAUMARIS/SPACE, 2015, Teshikaga Gokkan Art Festival, 2016, 2018, 2021, Echigotsumari Snow Art Festival, 2014, Setouchi Triennial, 2013, and many others.